PC Tools Firewall Plus another software package from a series of firewalls, however, is very effective in protecting both single and computers in the local network from unauthorized access, use an integrated approach to security.

Main Features Of PC Tools Firewall Plus

I must say that this software is quite pronounced interaction between the built-in security modules, therefore, it has the advanced features.

Like many programs of this direction, it has all the standard features. They represented all the most necessary tools and functionality. And, of course, the program provides protection against penetration on a computer or a local area network various kinds of Trojans, malware, hacking scripts and spyware software such as Spyware.

This application works in real time and controls not only the activity of computers and traffic, but also web navigation, while allowing to track the contents of sites for the availability of these malicious software. This is very useful when working it in local area networks, because worms are now quite a lot. They, in turn, are designed to obtain one or other confidential information.

Although presets automated program, for example, the system administrator can install them at the discretion of the company. There is provided a system configuration control rules of network protocols, different ports, IP-addresses on the network computers, as well as a global setting TCP / IP. Also, the program provides for a module control applications network activity, which is designed to block or allow the transfer and adoption of data to the network of any of the programs. Plus, there is a module system scan in real time, which greatly reduces the possibility of entering into a local network or on a single computer any threats.

In general, it should be noted that the program is very easy to use and suitable for both novice users and experts in the field of protection of data from unauthorized access. The only thing that may disappoint, a free 30-day trial version of the program. However, not all that bad. After this period, the program will offer registration, which is totally free. Yes, and restrictions on functionality in the test version does not.


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