PCSX2 - a program that is an emulator of the famous game console Sony Playstation 2. It allows the use of games released for these consoles in the operating systems of personal computers. We must pay tribute, the program works very stable and correctly.

Key Features Of PCSX2

Let's start with the fact that for the transfer of property when the PS2 machine to machine code compiled using X86 modules Emotion Engine (EE), Vector Unit 0 (VU0) and the Vector Unit 1 (VU1), which significantly increases the speed of emulation. This achieves another important point. Average frame rate of most games of this type depends primarily on the most emulated games, however, most of the games created for the PS2 launched in using a full framerate. In other words, the graph is displayed with maximum frame rate (frame rate).

With regard to the construction of the emulator itself, it contains several modules that provide the correct operation of the entire application as a whole and are responsible, each for their area of ​​work. For example, the program uses the control modules graphics, CD / DVD, audio, Firewire and HDD (Dev9). In addition, various further plug ins can show variable results in one and the same game.

In addition, the latest release of the program supports dual-core processors, which significantly increases its speed. Use your own Emulator SPU2 several extends the functionality of the application. It allows you to use the original sound PS2, to the extent that it can be edited on a computer, as well as impose a variety of additional effects. This may be used numerous audio editing program.

Not less important is the performance. The program is able to fully emulate the Dual Shock 2, and also has the ability to create patches of light to create cheats. In addition, this function can be used to skip pieces of games in which the emulator may simply not work (although, the assurances of developers all the code has been completely revised). Also, the application has its own optimization system that enables you to run the emulator even some games that have low rates of productivity.


In conclusion, I would like to note that the application allows you to connect many plug-ins "on the fly". For convenience, the program includes a completely new user interface, and, in addition, the emulator is fully compatible with Aero Glass and Windows Eye Candy. And, of course, the app allows you to use in games and configuring interface several languages.

Thus, even though the program does not show sometimes all its features, which meant when it was created, however, is one of the most stable version of the popular emulator. Therefore, if you are not indifferent to the good old games PS2, this program is really for you. Once installed, you will be able to again and again plunge into the world of games Sony Playstation 2.