Personal Budget VP - simple enough to use a stationary computer program that allows you to fully organize accounting home accounting, or more simply, to keep records of expenditures and receipts of your money. By and large, the application is much like some mobile programs, if only because it has a full synchronization with mobile devices that are running the program, and in relation to the functional set.

Key Features Of Personal Budget VP

What distinguishes this program from other similar, that it is absolutely uncluttered, simple and intuitive interface. The main application window is divided into several parts and is built in a tree structure. This applies to the left side of the screen, which houses the main articles used in the planning and calculation of results of using home budget resources.

Any type of operation indicated by its own color. By this you can get used to very quickly. Top of the main window, you can see it is the category that is related to planned expenditures, revenues, or more uncertain financial flows. Just below a window showing all the operations. For example, if you select the top items of expenditure, the bottom will display a number of fields, which shall include all costs, for example, to buy food, utilities, clothing purchase or payment of loans. Thanks to the planning and colors, you can immediately calculate which of the items had been exceeded.


By the way, when you install similar customers on the computer, laptop or smartphone, mobile devices can produce is as simple planning. Upon arriving home, all the information can be transferred to a fixed terminal, using the synchronization in the virtual private network VPN, or more simply, through the access point by the wireless svyaziWi-Fi.

It is this program and must such popularity among users. It goes without saying that the planning of the financial condition of the family in this formulation of the problem of synchronization is the most convenient and acceptable to most users. And of course, I must say that the program allows you to create complete reports with the description of absolutely all costs and revenues, for example, a week or a month. Although, each user can specify an arbitrary time period and, at its discretion. As is sometimes said that brevity - the sister of talent, and this program is being quite simple, has a maximum possible.

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