Photo! Editor - a simple and, at the same time, quite a powerful program for processing photos that will be enjoyed, both beginners and experienced users. It is a great way to edit and produce, ultimately, professional quality photos.

The Main Features Of Photo! Editor

Let's start with the main advantages of the program. It lies in the fact that the application can operate in two basic modes. The first mode is automatic. The second mode is manual. Auto mode is designed for novice users. The program picks up the necessary parameters for image editing and a good result. The second mode is designed for the most part, advanced users who know and are able to work with such programs.

As for the basic operations of the photos, they are presented quite diverse - from the simplest operations to specific effects. For example, you will find here the rotation function, image rectification along a given line (without the need to specify the angle of rotation), cropping and resizing, artistic effects, red-eye removal (can be used as an automatic or manual mode), color correction with balance adjustment, contrast, brightness, saturation, as well as the removal of light and color "noise" in the picture, which was taken in low light. Special attention is given the latest technology to improve field, which allows you to bring in proper form even heavily smeared or blurred shots. In addition, the program provides a comprehensive set of tools to retouch portrait photos, and even has a full range of possibilities for image warping to create caricatures. Among other things, can be applied to images and balancing the lighting, which is useful when creating a stylish lighting effects and three-dimensional deformation.

And, of course, the program has all the features to crop, trim unwanted parts, change the image size without loss of quality and image deformation. In addition, the application includes batch processing of images.

Finally, it should be said about the supported image file formats. They are not so much, however, is the most common formats. Here are .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .gif and .tiff. Of course, in comparison to some other programs, formats not enough, but the program takes its comprehensive capabilities and rather non-standard instruments. By the way, some of the features not always found even in professional programs, for which, moreover, have to pay. And here you get the most professional set free. The only thing that upset is the lack of support for the All languages, but agree that when such opportunities is not the point.


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