phpMyAdmin is a nonprofit application written in PHP, which is primarily designed to work with databases MySQL (including remote), and direct use in web programming. The program itself phpMyAdmin is licensed under GNU, ie is open source, so if you want any developer well versed in this case, the application can change the phpMyAdmin on your own. It goes without saying that the use of such a license to find it on the Internet and download for free is not difficult. Can be accessed even if only to the site developer.

Key Features of phpMyAdmin

With regard to the basic feature set of the program phpMyAdmin, everything is simple. It can even take advantage of the user rather superficially familiar with the basics of working with queries, scripts and databases MySQL. The simplicity of the application phpMyAdmin is provided primarily by the fact that the user does not need to enter commands directly. User-friendly and intuitive interface allows the popularity of this utility. Moreover, the program phpMyAdmin supports more than 60 languages, including Russian. The most simple operations, which form the basis of an application phpMyAdmin, it is worth noting creating or deleting databases, create, delete, or edit tables, delete, edit and add fields, executing arbitrary SQL-queries, and more.

However, you must pay attention to some of the subtleties associated with the correct operation of the program phpMyAdmin. First of all, you need to Met at the terminal installed programs MySQL 5 and PHP 5.2 (for use with MySQL 3.xx). In connection with the use of older versions of PHP and MySQL developers still support version 2.xx


In general, if we talk about the application phpMyAdmin, which is free, there naydetmya plenty of opportunities for every taste. It is clear that most phpMyAdmin program is focused on the development environment in the field of web programming. In the main window, divided into multiple workspaces, you can find the tabs, each of which shows the details. In addition, we can not pay attention to the volume enough reference material. So, if you have any questions about the program or use phpMyAdmin or some of its features, you can always refer to the Help for help.

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