Picture Cutout Guide Lite - one of the most simple program that allows you to separate solid objects that are present on the original image from an arbitrary background and transfer them to other places. This utility is a free lite version of the original full-fledged applications Picture Cutout Guide, which, in turn, is a shareware.

Main Features Of Picture Cutout Guide Lite

Regarding the use of the program, it is necessary to pay tribute to the developers, each operation contains detailed instructions and explanations in the form of pop-up window at the bottom of the screen. So even absolutely unprepared or ignorant in such operations the user can easily understand all the functions or perform the activities. In principle, the feature set is not as wide as I would like, however, almost all the features of the basic program stored. The only thing missing is the command "Insert Object". Well, it is free and lite version to be different from the parent product.

In general, the possibility of separating solid object from the background is quite interesting. Even not all semi app has such a function. And this program is designed specifically for this. On the other hand, developers are not left unattended and actions by the background. You can use a variety of tools and effects. Just turn fantasy. For background images provided shading, blur, fill, etc.

In general, as we are assured by the developers, this software is best suited to create a collage and photomontage. And of course, it is necessary to say a few words about interoperability. For example, the same program works correctly with operating systems Windows XP, Vista and 7. Some people attribute it more to the category of converters, because export images is carried out in several of the most common and popular graphic formats. In addition, the application interface is quite simple and intuitive, even without the use of hints or help. All the main operations and functions not only displayed in the menu, but in the right part of the screen. Using such a quick access, you can in the shortest period of time to get the desired result and save it on your own, set the desired format and location of the destination file. So that novice user and professional will be able to find yourself in this app something interesting. By the way, even the program itself is a bit like some of the applications developed for use in mobile devices.


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