Pivot Animator - a simple program is primarily designed to create animations using a two-dimensional graphics. The app is quite unusual from the point of view that there is applied drawing figures of people, animals or objects using lines and circles, interconnected points.

Main Features Of Pivot Animator

If you consider yourself to draw shapes, each user only has to remember his childhood, when, for example, men are not painted a whole picture, and used for the face circle, and for the torso, arms and legs - sticks. These are the images and figures used in this program. Moreover, of which only a few minutes to make a funny animation, view it in the window of the program or exported to an external format animated images GIF. It can be opened in any image viewer. Although the final result and save the file can be in native format PIV.

As for the interface, it is quite simple. On the left side of the screen, you can select the elements that will create an initial object. Further, since its establishment, can be performed to establish a full-fledged cartoon. There are all the necessary tools, including an indication of the location on the screen, for example, in the center, in the background or foreground, set color saturation and edit the original object. In addition, the program offers a wide selection of templates that can be inserted into each page animation, and then it will all be glued together. The simplest example washes serve man, created in this way: the head - a circle, a trunk - stick arms and legs - two sticks. At the top of the main window, you can immediately see the variations on the theme of the created object and apply them on your own. This is quite handy in case you just do not want to spend the time and effort to create their own cartoons. Enough to choose them, taking turns, and then just keep the full-length movie.

No less interesting is the function Repeat, which allows you to create cyclic animation. In other words, you just use the repeat function view video from beginning to end in a loop. So, for all fans to laugh or just to understand your mood, the program will come, could not be more helpful. Where you will then use your cartoons, it's your business. However, I think cheerfulness and good humor will be provided to you for a long time. In this note, you will spend a minimum of time to produce a full-fledged cartoon. Just turn on the imagination and create your own masterpieces of animation.


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