Time was in that paper and pen were important to write down passwords for different sites. With PManager, you can store all the various pages access information in one place and access them whenever you want.

Once you open the PManager, you will see that it has only two tabs: Home and Settings. While the second is responsible for the program to access data (and it's nice to come by before to keep everything safe), it is at the other you can add the information pages such as Facebook, Gmail and others that find important.

Instead of looking for a button or something, all you have to do is click the right mouse button on the white part of the box, and then click Add. With this, a new window opens, and is it you leave your username, password and site name that is registered in the program.

Added to this, there is also the possibility of adding other complementary information such as whether the registered data is personal or professional, a safety issue to remember your password (if you have done so) and the answer to it, as well as a field to let registered a phone number and find important notes.

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PManager Review

Create only one password for different services is not a good thing, and have several different access data may cause a nice knot on his head. So have a program like PManager around is very handy so you have to be concerned only with the program access code that we provide on this page.

A simple software interface will surely be a draw for many people, since you will hardly get lost while navigating it (yet to enter a lot of information because there is a search field at the top that allows you to find a specific entry without much effort) .

However, there is one thing that could make the PManager a much better program: the option to access the links registered there in just one click, with the right to an automatic login system. As this happens, unfortunately it only serves as a kind of notebook that you can access when the memory fails.

Although do not count on the option to open pages directly, PManager remains as an effective outlet for those who like (or need) to leave their usernames and passwords written down in a place of easy access and at the same time, safe. In addition, it is light and will not take up much space on your hard disk, making it a good software enough to keep in your program list.


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