PREDATOR - a small but quite interesting and functional program to protect your computer from unauthorized access when used with a conventional flash drive as a key lock. This security system does not allow someone to work a stranger on your terminal at the time of the lock.

Key Features Of PREDATOR

If we talk about the program PREDATOR, it is worth noting that it is far superior to a conventional system using the Windows screen saver (screen saver), a password-protected. However, and this application is not immune to the fact that you can gain access to your computer. This will require a normal reset.

However, the main functional application package PREDATOR pretty interesting. After installing the program PREDATOR, it is necessary to make the first run, after which the application will prompt you for a password that will be used in case if the flash drive is lost. In standard mode, the key no password is required. Simply insert the flash drive in the USB-port. But in the absence of such a program will ask for confirmation PREDATOR password. After three unsuccessful attempts, the application simply lock your computer and will alert. With the possibility of logging and send them via SMS to your mobile device. On top of that application without changing the master password from time to time automatically changes the prescribed access keys, which excludes the possibility of invasion from without.

As for locking the computer terminal, there is a setting you can set the time after which the computer will be blocked, as well as specify the amount of time required to enter a password when unlocking. Interestingly, when the lock is not only turns off the screen, but also locks the keypad, automatic startup disc in the drive is locked Task Manager Windows.

To work correctly in the operating systems Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) requires a minimum package installed Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher.

If we evaluate the program PREDATOR as a whole, then, of course, this is not the most reliable way to protect your computer, because the app is the most simple solution that can use an ordinary user who does not have special knowledge in this field. In addition, and program settings PREDATOR quite simple. Their little. Yes, and almost nothing to set up. Is that the waiting time after pulling out of the flash drive USB-ports and time to enter the password.