PrintableCal is an extension for Word and Excel applications that allows the use of custom calendars in text documents and tables. In addition to supporting the calendar features, the service can also function as a type of smart schedule: you can, for example, attach to the events marked in various social networking links such as Facebook, Yahoo !, iCalendar or Outlook.

Each of the various calendar templates can be customized from not just different colors: use photos, contact information or simply give a title to your schedule so that the calendar view is made even more practical way. PrintableCal is compatible with Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Windows).

The use of extension can only be made from one of the Office suite programs - that's why even a link access to PrintableCal tables will not be created after completion of the extension of the installation. To open the service, run Word or Excel and then click on the "PrintableCal" tab, which will be added to the program.

Then, just browse through the options "Create Calendar", "Date" and "Legend" to create a new calendar, schedule a date, or linking access to social networks, respectively. The customization of templates can be made through native applications options - change the date display mode and check all holidays, special occasions or weekends in other colors.


Features Of PrintableCal

Experienced users of the Office suite of applications now have access to a complementary tool dedicated to scheduling appointments. Compatible with Word and Excel, PrintableCal is the ideal service for those that make Microsoft programs the main working platform. One should note that the tool works as an extension and can not therefore be used independently.

What draws attention is the amount of accessories dedicated to the customization of calendars: you can change the color of the tables, add description to each day and even insert links access to social networks such as Facebook, Yahoo! and Outlook . Move windows on the monitor is also another highlight, as the "highlight" function allows the user to manipulate text and freeform tables.

An accessory, especially

Although it has indeed features useful to those who make constant use of the Office suite, PrintableCal is no more than an accessory, since both the Word and the Excel admit marking events from native calendars. The extension options are also in English, which can cause discomfort to those who are not familiar with the foreign language.

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