Privatefirewall - powerful program, which is a firewall with proactive protection, which provides multi-level monitoring of programs based on behavioral technologies, background processes and services, as well as makes it impossible to hacker attacks or an invasion of personal terminal outside. This is not a complete list of features. But even such professional protection you can get for free. To do this, you need only to download the installation software distribution PrivateFirewall and install it.

Key Features PrivateFirewall

In today's world with incredible speed development of the Internet as fast evolving technology and involving unauthorized access to personal computers and corporate networks to steal information or take complete control of the system as a whole. PrivateFirewall program eliminates any type of threat (at the moment we are not talking about viruses).

In the package there PrivateFirewall personal firewall, which is able to track intrusion attempts on the basis of behavioral analysis to identify the most characteristic features of malicious software. It also contains modules provide protection against all sorts of keyloggers, phishing attacks, etc. On the basis of this analysis are blocked and quarantined. Among the most frequently occurring threats, which blocks the program PrivateFirewall mention the most important. It attempts to access a protected area of ​​the registry, protected objects, attempts to initiate the process or the creation of an outsider DNS-query, as well as attempts to gain control of the services and processes operating systems Windows.

No less important is the fact that the application has built-in PrivateFirewall aimed at filtering IP- and URL-addresses, anti-spyware and anti-virus protection so-called "zero-day" protection against rootkits and exploits filtering IPv6 / IPv4-packets, anomaly detection in the system registry, system and email monitoring application activity and processes, as well as the presence of a powerful module Anti-Logger. All this allows us not only to avoid the penetration of external threats, but also reliably protect their own personal data and the necessary confidential information.

Equally important is the fact that the program PrivateFirewall can be used not only on a personal computer or laptop. Quite simply it can be used by administrators and local networks of small offices and businesses with dozens of computer terminals. Furthermore, the presence of proactive protection application PrivateFirewall put into the category of the most powerful protective equipment as traditional solutions are not always able to recognize the threat and block it immediately.

Privatefirewall Download For Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1

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