Punto Switcher is one of the most versatile and free solutions for tracking keyboard with automatic switching, if you type the desired text, forgetting to switch the layout manually. The program works automatically and has many functions and settings.

Key Features Of Punto Switcher

To be clear about the what the utility give a simple example. Let's say you type "Good morning!", And the keyboard layout is currently enabled on the use of English. What do you get on the screen? But that: «C lj, hsv enhjv!». Of course, have to be removed to write to enter the phrase again. But, thanks to the program Punto Switcher, the need simply disappears. The program will automatically switch the keyboard layout to the desired language and correct written. Incidentally, the application detects a lot of languages. The only thing that must be met, it set the desired language in the system. But this is the main purpose of the program, and the possibility of its not limited.

The thing is that the application, in addition to the basic functions, allows the use of a number of fairly strong additional features and settings. First of all, it is a complete migration shortcut keys for manual layout, because the operating system, there are only three combinations. In this case, you can assign any keys that are themselves see fit. And this applies not only to switch layouts. Similarly, you can easily specify and verify the selected text or the last word in the automatic mode or by editing manually. In addition, auto-switch function or AutoCorrect can be set selectively for selected programs and applications. And, quite interesting is the function itself AutoCorrect. And it is as follows. You can save your own templates in the program, which will be used to replace the input text. For example, the combination of "NG" for inclusion in the template can be changed to "New Year", and so on. D. Knowing these combinations can be quite seriously reduce the time spent on the set of a text. And, of course, the program has the function of checking the admissibility of certain combinations of letters for a given language layouts. In addition, the application is quite works correctly when working with translit.


The functions of the application involves the use of voice and even the keyboard, for example, when you change the language, the notification error in typing text and so on. D. In addition to the sounds of the application, you can use custom settings. And of course, quite interesting is the fact that the language the keyboard icon on the screen can be placed in any convenient place for you.

In general, the program is really, in its own way, is unique, because, by and large, allows you to opt out of switching language layout, and has lots of no less useful and sometimes so necessary functions.

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