Python is an interactive environment for developing applications and programs by object programming using high-level language Python. He is one of the most versatile to date and provides maximum performance and cleanliness of code.

The Main Features Of Python

To get started is to say that this environment allows you to create applications that can run under 32-bit operating systems Windows. The very same programming language has the most, that neither is a minimum of syntax that is used in the writing teams, but on the other hand, has a rather serious possibilities. Architecture language is also quite interesting. It has dynamic typing, introspection, built-in exception handling, automatic memory management, full support for multi-threaded computing and high-level data structures.

In addition, the language itself, and this development environment support multiple paradigms, among which there are structural, object-oriented, aspect-oriented and imperative. The assurances of the developers themselves, and many users, this software environment has a clean easy to read syntax code. The code in the Python environment is organized in a way that allows it to function and organization of classes, which can then be combined into a completely different elementary modules, and the modules themselves in the future - in bags.

From quite a few interesting and unusual features worth special mention quite powerful features of introspection and intuitive object orientation. In this sense, the system can be noted exceptions. For example, when debugging is not made absolutely no translation. If an error is detected, or the wrong input, interactive environment does not cause a segmentation fault. Instead, the system works and create an exception. And, of course, if the program does not catch the exception, the interpreter provides a stack trace.

python-direct-download-windows-pcIn general, I must say that this software is based not only use the programming language Python. Many additional modules that are part of this environment are written in different languages, including C and C ++. Here there are many system call interfaces, libraries and even a windowing system such as X11, Motif, Tk, Mac and MFC. In general, programs written using this medium run almost all known operating systems, including UNIX, Windows, OS / 2, Mac, Amiga, and so on. N.

In conclusion, we note that even though this development and is protected by copyright, however, extends completely free even for commercial use. In addition, it is something like a portable version and does not require installation on your hard drive. And, it works absolutely everything in all operating systems, in which there is a set C compiler