QIP Shot - one themselves universal programs designed to simplify the Snapshot main screen. But in this case using the preinstalled technology QIP, which is, in fact, responsible for creating and saving images, as well as their transmission by post, email or using the network protocol.

Main Features Of QIP Shot

The most interesting thing in this case, it appears that the main screen is a picture instantly, and without the use of third-party tools, meaning even the standard means of the keyboard. If anyone knows, just press PrtScr, to fix the picture in the computer's memory. However, this is not all. QIP Shot uses a completely different technology, which is fundamentally different from the standard operating systems Windows. In fact, even OSes do not allow such fine-tuning. And it is connected with the resolution of the main screen and the program that is responsible for creating screenshots.

All owners of this addition is clearly QIP will like, because having one client to communicate on the Internet, you get a pretty powerful additional features that are standard versions of the messenger simply missing. And that, in principle, of course. Well, can not also contain a maximum of customer service, relying on your every whim.

So this program is merely a supplement to the original, just expanding its capabilities and introduces some features that the original version was not prescribed. And here is truly open tremendous opportunities. After all, take a screen shot at one time or another, you can always be sure of the correctness or even the fact that at the moment on your screen display exactly this information. And then, if you are not sure of the events happening to your computer associated with viruses, spyware or unauthorized users trying to monitor your home or business terminal, here you can always count on the fact that the program will not deceive you, making picture at the appropriate time. We are not saying that this is a security feature. However, much may depend on it, at which point you take a screenshot. You never know when you'll need it. Who knows. Maybe, and safety of the system will depend precisely on this picture. So do not waste your time. Just try to install a program, the more time and effort that it just did not take. Even the utility, while in the computer's memory as a dis chargeable process takes place is not even there. Even in the System Tray utility is not displayed.


QIP Shot Download