If you share your computer with other people and want to keep some privacy in your files, Quick File Locker is a handy and lightweight solution to your problem.

The software works as a kind of lock to your folders and files, giving full control to one of the users that may or may not be accessed. Its use is simple. After downloading and installing the application, just select what you want to protect. Once selected, simply block access to the file or folder. The tool is protected by a password created by the user.

Password protected

But you might be asking: If the program is available on the PC anyone can go there and change the properties, correct? No. Before closing the program you can set a password to access the changes in the properties. For that select the Change Password option in the Tools tab.

Practical and lightweight, the Quick File Locker shown an effective option to protect your files. Even uninstalling the program, folders and files remain protected with locked access.

Attention during installation

The program is completely free and does not have any restrictions on its usability, as boundary files or just a test time. Nevertheless, you need to be smart to install the software to acquire no undesirable feature during the process.

When installing the Quick File Locker , you must be careful not to change your home page or install a toolbar on your browser. If you do not want to apply these changes, only select the option shown in the image above.


Features Of Quick File Locker

The first thing that will catch your attention as soon as you start the program is its simple interface. Unlike many other software out there, Quick File Locker does not have many menus and buttons scattered across several areas: in fact, the main area has basically with a field for research, the button to add the folder or file and region with the options you want to perform, plus some other auxiliary (how to remove and select all).

Dealing with the program is also a simple task. Is to hide a folder or enable access only after entering a password, you will hardly find setbacks at some stage, even if we consider that, whatever option is chosen, it will kick in after a few seconds.

In short, except the lack of a basic help document to assist new users on the different types of encryption available, Quick File Locker is an excellent app and recommended for anyone who wants to protect your personal files in a safer way.

If you are the type of person who likes to hide projects, be it a surprise party, images that will be used in a presentation or something private company for which you work, make sure that the Quick File Locker is an excellent ally in this assignment.

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