QuickTime - a specialized player that was designed with only one purpose - to play the file extension MOV (by the way, his "native"). However, this makes it quite interesting in terms of the World Wide Web.

Key Features Of QuickTime

As already mentioned, QuickTime, and it is the seventh release were originally designed for video playback. It's no secret that the video is distributed in a format quite often. Hence - and the emergence of such a software product. Especially because MOV video format files for some time to start coding using the most modern codecs and decoders such as DivX, Xvid format and DVD, which are protected. This alone is already causing many users distrust.

And, in general, just is to say that it is the video files in QuickTime format have a much smaller size than the original in the same format AVI. That is, this type refers to the compressed files.

However, this format is quite popular, and play it using the native tools in Windows operating systems is not possible at all, because this codec in the system in general, and is not provided. However, this player is quite easy to integrate into the operating system environment.

It should be noted that the manufacturer of the format and the player's company Apple, which seeks to challenge the palm from Microsoft. However, the last few went further, and did not stop there.

Codecs and decoders used Microsoft, even at higher levels. And Apple, just trying to promote their format. In terms of mobile devices, he certainly succeeded ... But in terms of software have questions. Especially with regard to specific formats. Operating systems on top. But applets are not the best ...

quicktime-download-windows-pc-5465456151646Overall, this software product, although it has quite a good player, however, does not provide all the possible needs of the user. Rather, it is a kind of alternative, which is trying to capitalize on the brand, as much as possible. Agree formats that are recognized, and even more so, are published in the web, for example, Adobe Flash, much more popular. Most video clips written in this format. Hence the line - all give preference to this kind of software.