Radical Image Optimization - optimized utility for resizing graphics even in terms of their own resolution, namely the size of individual files. This is achieved quite interesting method, based on a host of related technologies remove meta data.

Key Features Of Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT)

It goes without saying that some files, for example, contain a variety of formats including BMP related information, which includes, in fact themselves information about the file, such as size, resolution, date of creation or last modification, etc. Many people know that this type of format takes a lot of disk space, which significantly complicates the use of free space.

This utility, by deleting unnecessary data and characteristics can significantly reduce the size of the image file, without having to conserve it in another accessible format. You understand that you can not simply refuse to save the image in JPG, but leave the original material in its original format BMP. Incidentally, the supported formats are the most common among those, namely, PSD, TIFF, and BMP.

By and large, you can certainly change the format of the image, converting it to other formats, perceived by almost all image viewer. It uses the output formats such as JPEG, GIF and PNG, which is quite elementary open any viewer created in this area.

However, it is worth asking whether to change the initial format? The fact that removal of meta-data in terms of resolution resolution image is not changed, the palette remains at the same level, and the file occupies a much smaller space. In other words, you have no need for reformatting object containing a graphic or indication information. Easy, go to the Command menu and set the option to start the process. This will save you from a lot of unnecessary actions that it is sometimes necessary to perform using the tools of this type. In this case, all seems quite simple.

In general, the utility is quite interesting, especially when you consider its non-standard capabilities related to preserve the original aspect ratio and ease of use. Even in the advanced settings just do not have to go. And that's what makes this application one of the most sought after and popular in the field of graphic design software to compress files.


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