Raise Data Recovery is a recovery tool for robust file that lets you recover lost files or accidentally deleted from your computer.

The app has a very detailed records of scanning system, able to find even items deleted long ago. So to do a check with it on your machine, you should receive a series of results amenable to recovery.

Once this procedure is completed, you are taken to a window that shows all items that can be bought back organized in a folder sequence. Go by clicking on them to check item by item. Depending on the file type, you can even get a preview on the right of the window.

Direct Search

If you remember any keyword that was part of the name of the file you want to recover, you can use the search bar at the bottom of the window to filter the results and perhaps find what he was looking for super fast.

In the version of Raise Data Recovery tests, you can only go through the verification procedure, search and selection of files. Time to get them in fact, the program asks you to buy a license. Currently, it costs about 15 euros, which represents around R $ 60 at the current price. Not exactly a trifle, but this price is certainly cheaper than the most professional programs to do the same as Raise Data Recovery.


Review Of Raise Data Recovery

Raise Data Recovery is a good option for those looking for a recovery program for lost or deleted files. He can make a good deep scan on your hard disks and finds even items deleted long ago. Certainly, it is one of the "most professional from the amateur."

It is very simple to use and even a person without much experience in front of the PC can operate it. Just follow four very direct steps to select the disk or partition, start scanning and select the files to be retrieved. In the test version, however, you stop there. To actually retrieve the items, you have to buy a license, which, by the way, is not as expensive as you might imagine.

Visual solid
The visual interface is also very beautiful and minimalist, passing a feeling of confidence to the user less accustomed to this type of program. It has good graphics and a very neutral icons cohesive scheme. You can tell that the developers worked hard on that aspect.

In our tests, we noticed that the disc verification process can be very time consuming, but it is because of the Raise Data Recovery do a thorough and detailed conference.

What really weighs against him is the fact of not being able to check the internal storage and smartphone SD card connected to the computer. USB sticks and external hard drives are generally recognized.

Thus, we can say that it is worth rather make a test with the Raise Data Recovery. Install the trial version, please check on your computer and if it finds your files, it is worth buying a license to retrieve them.

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