Realtek AC97 Audio Driver is a versatile set of drivers for audio chipsets that are integrated into the motherboard of your computer or laptop. This is called Sound-On-Board. The toolkit can be downloaded from the Internet for free. Furthermore, there are supplied not only to the drivers themselves, and some additional utilities can achieve improved sound quality, and, for playback of audio and recording the audio signal.

Key Features Realtek AC97 Audio Driver

Perhaps it is no secret that the majority of computer manufacturers now prefer to use a simplified way to integrate the audio system in the stationary terminals or laptops. You understand that the use of professional audio cards in the home or office devices is simply not justified. That is why such systems are integrated it into the motherboard. Package Realtek AC97 Audio Driver is designed for use with chipsets from ALC101 up to ALC861, but rather ALC101, ALC201, ALC202, ALC203, ALC250, ALC650, ALC655, ALC658, ALC850 and ALC861. It is these chipsets currently used in the most widely maternal wards.

If we talk about the possibilities that users receive after installing the Realtek AC97 Audio Driver, here we are dealing not only with improved audio performance. We must pay tribute to the developers, they took care of the full support of the ASIO-drivers, as well as mode Full Duplex Mode, without which some professional and semi-professional audio editors and sequencers simply will not work. As for the features, here we have on the quality of the sound of 96 kHz at the maximum when using the car stereo 20-bit resolution. For recording or playback stereo sampling frequency of the order of 48 kHz (again, for 20-bit stereo).


The latest versions of the package Realtek AC97 Audio Driver have been some changes and additions. In particular, this concerns the new engine Realtek 3D, which allows you to use a variety of settings, or third-party tools to work with surround sound. In addition, as mentioned above software package Realtek AC97 Audio Driver, which can be downloaded for free, is not limited to a set of drivers. For the convenience of further provides for a sound Realtek Soundman utilities and Realtek Sound Effect Manager, which allows to use different effects processor in real-time. Most often, it concerns the playback of audio material. Plus, the installer package Realtek AC97 Audio Driver software installs Media Player Realtek Media Player, which, by the way, in all respects superior to the built-in Windows, and has many additional features and modules in the form of plug-DSP-plugins.