Who ever had the misfortune of losing all PC files? Having a program that can back up your files is always very handy, after all what if ... This is the proposal of Renee File Protector.

The free version of the program allows us to create backups of our files in a simple way. The application has a tutorial that explains step-by-step processes to be performed to ensure that never again have to face the hell of losing everything stored on your computer.

Saving all

Suppose you want to back up, how to proceed? Simple. First open the program and connect a storage device to your PC (USB stick, external hard drive) or media (CD or DVD). After that, click on the "Backup" and select one of three options, depending on what you would like to save:

System Backup: records all system folders;
Disk Backup: records folders partition (or partitions) you select;
File Backup: just writes the content of some specific folders.

Once you do this, a screen will open asking you to choose the destination file. At this point, select the device or previously inserted media. Now, just click Backup and choose how long the program should start to accomplish the task, and voila! We can even go take a coffee while the software takes care of everything.

Furthermore, Renee File Protector has another tool: the restorative. It recovers your operating system, or deleted files from the last boot created. So if you deleted something they should not, this is your chance to recover.


If you're the type lost and disorganized, the one that always forget when was the last time you made one of his files backup, do not worry: Renee File Protector, records a history of all backups on the "History" tab .

Now, no more excuses and save your important files and then not be running like a madman trying to find a much more complicated solution.

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Review Of Renee File Protector

Renee File Protector is a very simple software that does a very simple way a backup of all the files you want. After all, we are all hostages of system failures and other external issues that can result in the loss of everything you have on the PC, right?

Facinho using

The program has a very intuitive interface. Soon to start it, we are led to a screen tutorials that will show us how to back up and how to retrieve deleted files incorrectly - both functions are saviors of the fatherland.

The tabs are divided in an easy to understand, as if they were in the order of what we must do to perform the functions of the program. Therefore, it is very hard to get lost while they perform some task in the application.

The history is also a plus point. The function catalogs all the activities we did using the Renee File Protector, from simple file copies until a complete operating system restoration, keeping the user informed of everything that happened to your machine.

In conclusion, the software is a great option for those who want an easy tool to use and to explain step by step what to do in the quiet time to record a backup or despair to fully restore your PC. It is worth checking.


Extremely easy to use
Intuitive interface
Download light

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