Renee PDF Converter application is an easy way to convert any PDF document without content restrictions, to other text and image formats.

He brings a very simple interface: Insert the documents you want to convert, choose a format and indicate which pages you want to apply the change.

You can make some changes to the settings, depending on the type of file you want to get. For example, it allows you to save only the images as JPG or convert PDFs that have been scanned for text in Word using OCR technology, which detects characters in multiple languages.

That way, you can scan documents such as books or even your letter (if readable in print) and turn into editable digital documents in multiple languages. After making all the settings in this application, just click "Convert" to all the selected documents are transformed.  He does not disturb the original: new copies are created in the new format.

Review Of Renee PDF Converter

If you search for a PDF file converter,  Renee PDF Converter is a good application to do this. It is easy to move, extremely affordable for any user and has some interesting additional settings. You can convert to DOC, TXT, EPUB, HMTL, Excel and PowerPoint documents to image files or OCR technology.

OCR and image converter

Two of the biggest advantages of this app is that it allows you to convert any scanned PDF to editable text. That is, it reads the pages were copied from a book, for example, and can identify the characters in multiple languages, turning in TXT or DOC files that you can mess later.

Another interesting tool is the only save photos of your document in JPG or other image formats. This is very important if you just want the figures and do not want to save one by one. He can identify what is text and what's photo and exports only the items of the second type.

All this is done simply, with very reasonable and full settings explanations that anyone can understand. The application is fully translated into Portuguese, so you do not have to worry about understanding an interface in English. If you need more help, this app has an extensive tutorial on all of its functions.

What could be better

Some details could be improved, although this is a great app. For example, he does not accept that you drag PDF files to your interface, despite having a visual indication suggesting that. Incidentally, all the visual part of it owes a bit : the interface is simple, but a bit old-fashioned and dated.

Still, worth testing this program, which is an amazing conversion tool for PDF files. It works properly and allows you to convert complete documents even in the trial version without any limitation pages or watercourses brand.


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