RivaTuner is one of the most powerful tools for fine tuning display adapters family nVidia. Moreover, the setting applies not only to the default settings, but many undocumented features using overlokinga.

Key Features RivaTuner

Utility consists of several components, each of which allows you to set a parameter or a combination. It includes modules such as database driver settings, script editor (presets), Registry Editor, low-level overclocking module graphics adapter, a patch update, as well as diagnostic module.

I must say that with the help of these modules poluchae6t users full access to all, without exception, the video card. For example, for overlokinga (in other words, acceleration) graphics adapter, you can use the setting core frequency, memory, shader, and so on.. Here it is possible to completely elementary adjust speed control coolers (cooling). You can set the automatic speed or variable, depending on the load. These settings are not limited. The utility allows you to configure and monitor some of the parameters. Among the configurable parameters can be found brightness, contrast, gamma for each color channel and more. The most interesting thing is that in the annex provides support not only video cards from the company nVidia, but some models of ATI Technologies. Also, there is full support of the Logitech G15 LCD.

If we talk about the changes made in recent releases, it is worth noting that there is support for the family of drivers ForceWare 190.xx, unified drivers for Vista / Windows 7 (version 8.15.xx.xxxx and older), as well as added to the latest database for ForceWare 190.15, 190.38, 190.56 and 190.62.

rivatuner-download-windows-pcNow a few words about the installation package. It has a total size of 2.55 MB. But, despite this, in your hands after installation is a powerful tool for controlling the parameters of the graphic adapter.


We must pay tribute to the developers of the software, they have worked on glory. Where else can you find such a universal utility for managing even undocumented feature card. It seems that even well-known utility GPU-Z is clearly losing this specialized application. And understand the software not working, because it has completely Russified interface. And, if you are the owner of this series graphics card is probably a better tool control absolutely all features and do not need much to be.