SCARABAY is one of the most powerful application for storing, encrypting and protecting the personal data of the user. This can be anything you want. For example, logins and passwords for access to sites, PINs phones, credit card numbers, software serial numbers, email addresses, and much more, in short, everything that you see fit to hide from prying eyes and protect the means of application SCARABAY.

Key Features SCARABAY

To begin to note a small but very important detail. SCARABAY program works on the principle of the Master. In other words, the position on the screen, it does not occupy. There is only a small window in which you and all the action. Upon completion of a procedure, in the same window appears notified about the next step.

As for encryption, then we are dealing here with a specially designed algorithm. All data is stored in a single file, which is available for viewing on a computer terminal or laptop. In addition, to ensure greater security of such application files SCARABAY can save on a removable USB-drive. You understand that in this case the risk of theft of information is significantly reduced. However, on the other hand, increases the risk of loss of data along with the same flash.

The program itself SCARABAY integrates into Internet Explorer browser and supports similar applications, but not all. In this case, the application is able to automatically fill SCARABAY field usernames and passwords with one mouse click. The same applies to the corresponding input data by using, for example, windows remote access or enter serial number. When you create a file that stores data such SCARABAY program can use any field and any forms with an unlimited number of entries. It also supports multiplayer mode. As is clear, to enter the application itself SCARABAY will only need to enter your username and password. Here are just here there is a small minus. When creating an initial login for some reason used exclusively letters AZ and numbers 0-9, and the length of the input login should not exceed 8 characters. But what is most interesting, the program has a built-SCARABAY random password generator that eliminates the need to come up with an ingenious combination.

It remains to add that the application SCARABAY supports multiple languages, including Russian, and is compatible with almost all operating systems Windows, from XP. In extreme cases can even use a portable version of the application SCARABAY, which run from any USB-drive.

SCARABAY Download For PC

SCARABAY Download For PC