SciLab - is one of the most powerful and versatile software mathematical packages. Use it on the fly to get the solution of complex algebraic and geometric equations. Software itself is thought to such an extent that makes it possible not only to produce the basic mathematical operations, but is also used as a medium for supporting a plurality of programming languages ​​which includes languages ​​such as C or C ++ /.

Key Features SciLab

The algorithm of the program, by and large, is not news. Many known tools use such functionality. Especially me, however, among the most basic of embedded solutions is worth noting immediately support functions such as 2D and 3D graphics, animation, linear algebra, sparse matrices, polynomial and rational functions, signal processing, parallel operation, statistics, solution of ODE and control, hybrid System modeling of dynamic processes and their simulation, differential and non-differential optimization, interpolation, approximation, working with computer algebra and more.


You understand that the program of such a level as SciLab allows to cope with multiple tasks even engineering and scientific level. Probably for this reason, some people with it and they can not understand. And, in principle, nothing complicated and no. You just need to enter the initial condition of the problem or set of equations. The program itself automatically searches for the most appropriate solution, which is required by condition. It is clear that a wide range of users is absolutely indifferent to the basis on which programs are built functions. However, despite this calculation produced by this application, I can not but rejoice. Just think what else there is a software environment to calculate a number of mathematical functions?

Actually, the program SciLab initially showed its computing capacity. He surpassed all expectations. And that's why, programs and is one of the best and most successful in its field. It seems that many mathematicians of our time would give a lot in order to have such a unique program. After all, in fact, it is a universal mathematical tool for all occasions. Moreover, only the area of ​​engineering is not limited to this environment. If you are going to simulate using the formulas and get the final result, the program SciLab for you.

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