Screenshoter - quite an interesting application, as it is clear, as the name implies, designed to provide easy access to the Print Screen function at any given time. Despite its small size, the program has broad functionality.

Key Features ScreenShoter

As a rule, the creation of a screenshot of the main screen, most users do not cause problems, however, not many people know that it does not need to use a custom application, and costs just click PrtScr. After this screenshot as a graphic stored in the computer's memory. From the Clipboard so you can paste the image in any image editor and make all the necessary operations to change the subject. Naturally, the majority of users to open this type of files using the built-in Windows, such as Paint or programs, one way or another connected with the main office suite Microsoft Office ..

Now let's deal with the peculiarities of this application. The fact that it allows not only to create the images on the main screen, the current time? but filming happening on the screen. Utility, though simple, but combines some interesting possibilities conventional means of operating the family of Windows. It really replaces a number of additional actions that the user must make when creating a screenshot.

Creating screenshots, by and large, made just a few clicks. It is not necessary to possess great intelligence or additional knowledge in the field of graphics to create or change a screen shot at any time. It would be a place of your imagination ...


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