Secure Folder - is a small freeware utility to protect folders password. It is useful to many users who want to restrict access to the directories that store personal or just some important confidential data. Application Management Secure Folder before just that with him to understand even a novice user, who had never encountered this type of software products.

Key Features of Secure Folder

Let us say at once, along with a host of benefits, the program Secure Folder, unfortunately, has its drawbacks. Their little, however, when using the Secure Folder blocked should be considered.

And So. The principle of the protection of folders is pretty simple. What made the password protection is not entirely true. The fact that such protection is used creating three. This blocking folder, setting the attribute "invisible" and encrypted using the AES algorithm with 256-bit. That's when the password is set, the corresponding directory and locked. As is clear to unlock the folder, you need to sign in to Secure Folder, because the standard Windows operating system do not allow. However, many experts in the field have suggested that it be used to protect the first method. According to them two second variant implemented in the application Secure Folder, to put it mildly, not good enough.

As for the interface software Secure Folder, it is reduced to an absolute minimum. As they say, nothing more. Therefore, when dealing with the application Secure Folder difficulties should arise from anyone. Select the object you want to protect, can be done in three ways. The first option - the menu of the program Secure Folder. The second - the usual drag an object from the file manager window in the application window Secure Folder. And the third - using the context menu commands in which they are embedded during the installation (now we are not talking about a portable version).

Finally it remains to say that the application of Secure Folder is compatible with all latest versions of Windows operating systems with the architecture of the 32 and 64 bit, absolutely undemanding to system resources and constant checking for updates on the availability of an Internet connection. The only thing you need to consider when you install it the need for the .NET Framework version 2.0 or later. Only in this case will be provided with the right tools and the correct operation of Secure Folder.


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