SMPlayer is a pretty powerful interface for a multimedia program known as MPlayer. This interface allows you to pretty much extend the standard features of the player and bring them to a whole new level of organization and use of collections.

Key Features Of SMPlayer

Let's start with the main features of the program. The developers have made sure that the application is able to store all the settings for playable files. For each file retains its unique settings specified by the user. Besides that pleasantly pleased, the application is able to store a pause or stop playing a video file. Mark, though, the very simple situation. You are watching a movie and suddenly you urgently need somewhere to leave. Do not worry. Return to the overview, you will continue to watch the movie at exactly the point at which a stop was made. And that's not all the features of the program.

If we talk about the standard functions, they are wide enough. First of all, it is worth noting that the program works equally well with files DVD, AVI and MKV. Naturally, in the annex there is full support for subtitles and audio synchronization. At any time, you can select the language and subtitle and sync it all to the image.

As for the picture, there is also presented a rather wide range of instruments. You can optionally change the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, saturation and gamma of the image. In addition, you can use fast or slow playback. Moreover, rewind the video carried a scroll wheel mouse. Audio processing is also presented quite not bad. The equalizer can be quite elementary used to adjust the frequency characteristics of the sound track, writing to a file.

Quite interestingly presented various filters. For example, you can use interleysing, noise reduction option to select the demuxer and audio or video codecs. And the most interesting is the presence of even a karaoke filter that allows escape from the voice track. Of course, this raises some doubts as to completely remove the voice is still impossible. However, if desired, can be achieved very interesting results.

smplayer-14-9-0-download-windows-pc-5451511651232515In conclusion, we note that the player has built-in Auto Search subtitles. The program is translated into more than 20 languages​​, is absolutely free and is cross-platform. To date versions available for Windows and Linux.