Songbird is a media player designed not only as a standard means of audio playback, but also the possibility of combining in the web player. If you want to organize a collection of music files using the files stored both on the hard drive, and the web, this program fits perfectly.

Key Features Of Songbird

With regard to the main features of the program, they are quite diverse. The program is, as it were, of several parts. Firstly, it is a standard player, and secondly, a web player, and, thirdly, does for music management and music search, which is in the active network playlist.

songbird-download-windows-pc-54561654651312If we talk about the supported audio formats once worth noting MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis on all platforms; WMA and WMA DRM for Windows; AAC for Windows or Mac. Among the possibilities are quite unusual, sometimes even not peculiar to this type of program, you can find many interesting and unusual. The application allows you to use, for example, the built-in browser on the engine, Gecko, which supports tabs, and create so-called "smart" playlists. Moreover, based on the list of performers that are in your playlist to a certain limit, the program can show the next performance in your area. Also, this software package has an internal skrobbler Last fm, which is connected via a standard plugin. Absolutely no effort you can import media content from iTunes, as well as create dynamic playlists, updated according to specified criteria. Plus, you can automatically update the add-on modules (plug-ins) and the main core of the program. And, of course, for easy management of your collection, you can use features such as search, organize, sort and navigate.

With regard to the changes that affected the last release of the software, then here it is worth noting features such as two-way synchronization added various devices with library Songbird, as well as, automatic organization of downloaded and copied files in a hierarchical file system using sorting by artist or album.

songbird-download-windows-pc-54654165465153And finally, we note that the installation distribution has a size of about 14 MB. Of course, the program can not be compared with the likes of multimedia, the same as WinAmp or AIMP, however, considering its free distribution and ease of use, can be very interesting and useful, who appreciates the time when organizing music collections, especially from the files in network.