The software package to connect to the computer of Sony. It provides tools for device management, data exchange, install updates and applications.The latest version of Sony PC Companion has the tools to work with the new line of smartphones Xperia, as well as models of phones, released a few years ago.

The program enables you to synchronize your phone with the PC (laptop) both USB, and on Wi-Fi. However, it requires no configuration and installation takes no more than two minutes.

Sony Companion consists of several components, the most important of which Xperia Transfer, Media Go and Manager (File Manager). Xperia Transfer allows you to transfer data from the old phone to the latest model Xperia, Media Go is to copy and organize media files, and Manager is designed to download and install games and applications. In addition, you can download updates of the operating system, as well as make changes to the contacts or calendar. Of greatest interest is, of course, the option to create a backup of all user data. Since the Sony PC Companion supports recovery phone, you can transfer from the PC all the stored data - contacts, SMS, notes, list of installed applications. This is very handy if your device fails, or you have purchased a new smartphone.


the exchange of data between a computer and a telephone;
application management;
access to contacts, calendar, notes from your computer;
Backup user information;
organizing photos, audio and video files.


connect your smartphone to your laptop for Wi-Fi;
Quickly update your firmware without the need to connect your phone to the Internet;
download Sony PC Companion can be free;


Over what should work:

there is no possibility to move selected contacts from your backup;
Some models are not supported (the manufacturer says those obsolete, but the list of supported and unsupported devices are attached).

Programs developed by the digital devices are always in demand because they provide users with a host of additional features. Get, for example, access from the computer to the contacts and SMS messages on your phone without this application will not be easy. Sony PC Companion undoubtedly useful to owners of mobile phones and smartphones Sony (Sony Ericcson), who are not averse to make sure that in case of damage, loss or replacement of the device, all data stored on it could return a couple of clicks.

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