Spyware Terminator is a free package of tools for comprehensive protection of your computer against all kinds of Trojans, hacker attacks, potentially dangerous software and malware. In addition to anti-spyware capabilities built-in anti-virus software has.

The Main Features Of Spyware Terminator

Let's start with the fact that this software is distributed free of charge (unlike many similar tools). One of the main advantages of this package is that, even working in the background in real time, the program absolutely does not load the system resources of the computer (at least compared with the known Antivirus Kaspersky Lab). The package consists of several modules, each of which is responsible for its own security.

Now a few words about the modules. Actually it is very anti-spyware that blocks Trojans, malware, adware or spyware, the module is designed to protect against online attacks, and anti-virus ClamAV - a system of early detection and intrusion prevention of various kinds of viruses.

In general, it is worth noting that the program as a whole behaves quite correctly and easily blocks the penetration of viruses and worms, install malware and keyloggers, and other potentially unwanted software. As easily program prevents modification of critical system files of the operating system.

Thanks to the built-in scheduler, you can always ask a system scan on a schedule (although you can turn on and on-demand scanning).

An interesting feature is the built-in Spyware Terminator HIPS, which prevents the penetration of the computer, and then run various utilities suspicious.

Like many such programs, Spyware Terminator, you can update the anti-virus database on a daily basis. Naturally, the update occurs completely free, and, as a system scan and update is performed simultaneously by all built-in modules ..

Well, finally it should be said that the program has established itself with the best hand, because, unlike most programs of its kind, has in addition to everything else, and anti-virus protection that, in general, puts it in the category of the best software to protect your computer art.


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