SRWare Iron is a pretty interesting internet browser from the German developer, which, by and large, is based on the popular lately Google Chrome, however, unlike its progenitor, entirely free of the modules for tracking and transfer of personal data and on query that is sent in to Google.

Key Features SRWare Iron

Features of the SRWare Iron are presented in the form of standard features that are inherent in any web browser. They allow you to enjoy a full Internet surfing. Descriptions of such features are found on the Internet at every turn, so stay on them in some detail just does not make sense. But differences suffice. And they attract the most attention.

First, as mentioned above, is completely absent modules of various kinds of classification and tracking of personal information, visited sites and search queries. No less interesting is and disable tracking the date and time the installation of the main program on your computer, from where, in fact, implies the second, no less important feature. The program simply does not establish an online update in the background, as does Google Chrome. That is entirely absent creating unique ID-key for each site visits, as well as removed the possibility for tracking URL-addresses for which information is sent to the corporation Google. Also, cleaned and sending information about search queries and errors that occur due to improper administration of web resource addresses in the address bar. Initially, the error message from the resource falls Google.

srware-iron-web-browser-download-windows-xp-vista-7And finally, the most interesting. The fact that the program itself is open source, which allows to modify it in its discretion to everyone. Naturally, it is clear that this software is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions, even for commercial use. And one more thing that should please all users of the application. The program is available in a portable version of the idea that you can use it on any computer with any type of removable media, whether it's the drive, the usual flash memory, USB-device or a removable memory card. And though, the download size somewhat big (a little less than 31 MB), for modern removable media is not the problem. But, in the end, users receive a unique web browser that works much faster than software-original.

SRWare Iron Web Browser Download