SSuite Gif Animator is a program that allows you to create uncomplicated sequences in imaging loop. Simply select files in JPG, BMP or PNG, determine the time interval between the transitions and then save your GIF.

Compatible with the most popular browsers, the generated files can be upados with sites without complications. The image reproduction can be made in high quality, it is enough to join pictures in HD so that the result pleases even the most demanding editors.

Create your GIF

Click on the button "Add BMP / JPG" to select extensions in these formats or add images only in PNG through the "Add PNG". Once set photos to be played back in sequence, the general or individual transition time can be set to "Interval (milliseconds)".

Click "Creat", determine where the GIF should be saved and ready! The preview can also be done in "Preview" in the edit screen, which avoids redundant or unsatisfactory renderings. Easy, right?


Features Of SSuite Gif Animator

SSuite Gif Animator is a practical dedicated to creating GIFs from images. With support for BMP, JPG and PNG, the program has practical and easy resources operation. Just select two or more files from your photo gallery and set the Intervalor time for the sequence. Ready!

Several lists can be created and then saved, which allows later editing GIFs models. Another highlight is the support for high resolution images: simply select high-quality files to HD sequences are created. Another positive point is the fact that all the exported content can be performed without complications by the most popular current browsers.

It is worth noting that, despite admitting the change related to the time interval between images during the editing process, you can not select the files of output quality - so GIFs in low resolution to render, third-party programs will have to be used for resizing.

Another limitation concerns the junction options between files, since it is not possible to create GIFs from the combination of JPG and PNG, for example (mergers are supported only between BMP / JPG, BMP / BMP, JPG / JPG and PNG / PNG).  Still, SSuite Gif Animator is an attractive option for users who are looking for simple and quick solutions to create GIFs.

SSuite Gif Animator Download