Working with large volumes of files can be a real nightmare for those who have fear that some computer failure or simple distraction can make everything that was done is overlooked in a folder on your computer. In such cases, be copying and pasting the entire contents of a local PC to an external storage device when something is modified can be a nuisance.

The SSuite kronoz SyncMaster is a program to help people who need to keep updated copies of specific folders on your computer saved elsewhere in the system or even to a USB stick or external hard drive. By choosing two specific folders that can be accessed through your computer, you can ensure that both files remain synchronized with the touch of a button.

After selecting the sites, you can use the green arrow to the entire contents of the first folder saddle copied to the second and facing up to the second material to be saved also in the first. Press the red button with two windows, in turn, ensures that the files are matched at both locations.

Additional Functions

If you need to keep records of all copies made through the program, you can save each of the logs of transfers as .TXT files, send them directly to your printer or then copy them to your clipboard. The button "Clear" erases the information about the latest movement and "Settings" lets you choose which folders are the default destinations chosen whenever the SyncMaster is opened.


Features Of SSuite kronoz SyncMaster

The SSuite kronoz SyncMaster offers a simple and practical solution for those who often deal with repeated and frequent copy large amounts of files between two specific destinations. Although the interface can not be considered particularly beautiful, it works well and meets all program resources in positions that make use of the self-explanatory software.

The program works well both to synchronize separate folders of the same computer as other present in external storage devices such as USB drives and portable HD. While it is certainly less practical than options like Dropbox  and Google Drive , which synchronizes all files saved to the cloud, SSuite kronoz SyncMaster offers an alternative for those who know it will be without internet connection.

One aspect in which the software could improve would be with the addition of a function to keep the two selected folders synchronized automatically, eliminating the need to press the button for this to be done. Still, the light program and requires no installation is an interesting option for those who do not like or can not depend on the cloud.

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