SSuite Lemon Juice is a suite that offers the user two applications: one dedicated to writing and editing texts (Strawberry Xpress - Writer) and other supporting tools that enable the execution of calculations and charting (Pineapple Express - Spreadsheet). Both programs can be installed automatically from the same setup: just download the package, provide the necessary permissions to the installation and then access the services from the desktop.

Able to create PDF files autonomously and eliminating thus the Adobe Acrobat, Strawberry Xpress - Writer is also compatible with Microsoft Office (extensions can be saved in rtf, doc, txt, and rtc ssp). From Pineapple Xpress - Spreadsheet, data vst, txt, xls and cvs can be edited in tabular form.

Text editor

With options ranging from classic writing styles in bold, italic or underlined, Strawberry Xpress - Writer is an application that also allows the attachment of images, editing letters colors, setting the spacing options between lines and opening documents saved in RTF format.

Emoticons and special characters library are also available to the writer. The differential is the card edit mode, which allows the creation and preview of correspondence to be exchanged via email, for example.

Creating spreadsheets

From the known data editing format table, Pineapple Xpress - Spreadsheet allows the creation of spreadsheets. Various accessories dedicated to the practice of the document handling can be used, such as a brush for cell selection, options for defining interactions between rows and columns and various types of graphics.

To save the file, simply select the floppy button, determine the output format and ready. It is worth mentioning that, as in Strawberry Xpress - Writer, the Pineapple Xpress documents - Spreadsheet can also be edited by the Microsoft suite.


Features Of SSuite Lemon Juice

SSuite Lemon Juice is a Green Software package. It means that both programs accompanying the suite can be run natively by Windows, which avoids incompatibility issues. Thus, if you search for alternative solutions offered by Microsoft, the software suite this can be good options.

From Strawberry Xpress - Writer, text documents can be edited and customized freely, since a number of tools are available to the user. writing mode letters and list of symbols and emoticons are some of the features are highlighted. It also draws attention to the possibility of creating PDF files that are compatible with MS Office autonomously.

Through Pineapple Xpress - Spreadsheet, graphics and complex spreadsheets can be created. It is worth noting that, like Microsoft Excel, this program requires some experience for the user. They can be added many graphics to documents and used also parameters. It is to define the profile of the interactions between the columns and rows of the extension.

What may disappoint the most demanding publishers is the look of the suite, which is a little child. Colorful icons and large - perhaps too much - illustrate competently the functions of the tools. But it compromise the aesthetics of the programs. Still, those looking for secure software and compatible with Microsoft applications should have no problems when using SSuite Lemon Juice. It delivers what it promises without some kind of choking.

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