The SSuite Mac Dock is an application that brings a new taskbar option for Windows. It works on any operating system version and is easy to install.

With this application, you have several extra items to Windows as shortcuts in a submenu  for your favorite programs and small utilities for the system.

The SSuite Mac Dock need not be installed: simply turn the Desktop.exe file, which comes in the ZIP package so that it is open. Before you do this, you must configure the native taskbar so that it is at the top of the screen or side, since the dock is open at the bottom of the monitor. It can not customize the appearance of this feature, but you can make some settings.

Choose, for example, your favorite apps to stay in the shortcut list. In addition, you can use a custom browser or Internet Explorer, which comes as standard. It can not exchange the buttons of icons, however, or even customize the finished application lists.


Review Of SSuite Mac Dock

The SSuite Mac Dock is a combination of several small applications and utilities for Windows. It is easy to install, but failed to excite in no time. Ie lack an update that takes the old-fashioned air and completely dated this feature, since it has a look that seems to have come straight out of the 90s and can not be configured to choose shortcuts and icons.

That is, you're stuck with utilities and preconfigured applications and a dock impractical: the submenus it slow enough to open and this feature just more dificuldando work using the computer than helping.

For example, it opens by default Internet Explorer browser by clicking the link. By switching to the "Custom" option, he did not allow the choice of a new browser, just randomly selected Firefox, which also was not the default system browser. This type of error is quite common and ends up making the use of SSuite Mac Dock quite frustrating.

Worth it?
If you search for a dock in style from that of Mac OS X, this application is not a good alternative. It can not be customized, it has a very old-fashioned look and takes too long to open any application or shortcut.


Dock like the Mac on your computer


Slow to open apps and shortcuts
It is not customizable
Does not allow to configure the shortcuts
Not let you change the icons

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