Save files on the web is a practice each increasingly common, especially with the popularity of cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. In them, you can save and share files free (or paid, when looking for more space). But in terms of security and privacy, these are the best current alternatives?

StableBit CloudDrive is a service that allows you to store your documents using cloud computing from a lot of providers such as Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, File Share, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Local Disk, Microsoft Azure Storage, onedrive and onedrive for Business.

Safe and Adaptable

Once connected to an account, a folder for each file type (images, videos and documents) is created for you to start organizing everything. All content is protected by AES-256 encryption, ensuring restricted access to files.

StableBit CloudDrive also offers a system that fits your profile. For example, if a file is often used, the program suggests it to be stored locally for quick and easy access.


Review Of StableBit CloudDrive

Although there are other tools that bring together cloud services in one place, StableBit CloudDrive stands out by offering an adaptable and customizable system. That way, you really feel you're in control and can manage your files without fear.

The interface is streamlined and intuitive like the minimalist look. Another positive point is that the file explorer shows the root of memory unfiltered machine, and it allows you to upload any document without restrictions.

During our test, StableBit CloudDrive proved quite stable and fast. We were able to upload various documents in a few seconds and make the transition between folders without major problems.

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