Stamina Typing Tutor - an application that is most unusual typing tutor that was created for the development of technology touch typing, storing the location of letters and symbols on the keyboard, as well as to remember the words that are present in the spelling of a particular language at all. The program, to some extent, is quite unique.

Key Features Of Stamina Typing Tutor

Firstly, it is worth noting the uniqueness of this program, since it involves the use of an alternative arrangement of the hands and fingers while typing, unlike, say, conventional tools of this type. After mastering all the basic skills in the field of printing and typing, you can easily work with different kinds of text documents, communicate in many programs such as instant messengers, which suggests an instant exchange of short text messages in real time. Among other things, supported by a lot of language layouts, including the Russian, Latin, Ukrainian, Dvorak and many others.

Also, interestingly enough memory system built and location of characters on a standard keyboard, thanks to memorize exactly spell words and sentences. Knowing how to spell a particular word, you can type text, it is not looking at the keyboard (by the way, even if there are no specialized symbols and letters).


Actually, if you look, the program is quite easy for both beginners who only learn the basics of fleecing blind typing, and for professionals who want to enhance their capacity to work with some non-standard layouts. Opportunities that any user will be more than enough.

The real work of the program is organized by the type of passing a few lessons, each of which has its own unique mission. In the end, you can even use the built-in editor for creating lessons most comfortable learning. Pretty interesting possibility is the use of a set of text from an external text file that really made much easier by a set of stored text. I think everybody is quite clear that the phrases that people keep in mind, to gain much easier than writing the text from scratch, especially not completely familiar. But this is done only to facilitate the process. In fact, when you learn to type the text you already know on the keyboard layout does not make much effort to recruit T text, it is not even familiar dictation.

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