StarDict provides an interface to the open source, which is designed to support and work with dictionaries StarDic. This package has a lot of opportunities and allows for a fairly broad opportunities not only in the translation of words and sentences, but also in listening to the correct pronunciation. Moreover, this software package includes a number of different dialects of dictionaries.

Key Features Of StarDict

Let's start with the fact that the base of the dictionary, which is included in this package really is huge. At its core, dictionaries distributed into several groups. It Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Ed, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate 11th Ed, Longman Pronunciation Dictionary 3rd Ed, Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary 3th Ed and Macmillan English Dictionary. In turn, each of these groups is divided into several sub-themes, and so on adverbs. D.

With regard to the main features of the program, they are very unusual. Particular attention in the construction of the software package and using a dictionary given in the first place, the search engine. You can completely free to set pattern matching, as well as use the so-called "fuzzy query." When this word is used to detect the Levenshtein algorithm, which gives the opportunity to compare some words for the similarity, based on the partially entered query. To use this system every search query must begin with "/". You can also take advantage of the full-text search, which is, though slower, however, allows you to search the entire proposal for items presented in the program.

The application allows for the combination of keys to display the translation in a popup window. This so-called scanning function of the selected text. Furthermore, the dictionary can automatically connect to the vocabulary search engines on the Internet and use online services, issue or transfer the most common combination of other sources. And just as easily translate whole texts and articles by using the many available online translators.

Quite properly constructed and control system dictionaries. If desired, you can disable unused or dictionaries, for example, to set the order of use of dictionaries in the search. Well, for example, you can set the first use of a common vocabulary, then the technical and so on. D. And it is in this manner will be the conclusion of the results of the translation.


One of the advantages of the whole package is the ability to connect sound modules, whose role is simply impossible not to appreciate. In this case, you can not only see the translation of a word or a transcription, but also listen to the correct pronunciation of it, even considering several options adverbs.

In conclusion, I want to say that this software package has a friendly and intuitive interface, which is quite easy and simple to operate. In addition, the latest version of the package was published in 2011. In this case, have been updated, virtually all the dictionaries and files.

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