Stickies - a small utility that simulates the creation of notes in the form of so-called stickers or, more simply, small labels, which are most often used in offices. Here are just a paper sticker, many glues, anywhere, most often on a computer monitor, so they were always before my eyes, so why do not forget to do. Stickies program repeats this principle and notes themselves are in the same location on the same screen even after a reboot. The very same application is available on the Internet - you can download it for free. After the installation there will be no load on system resources or laptop computer.

Key Features Of Stickies

With regard to the main features of the utility Stickies, they maybe not so much, however, the entire structure of the note-taking is clearly established in the planning. In the main window of the program Stickies there are two main fields. On the left side there is a category of necessary actions or reminders, and the right side are, in fact, own notes. In principle, the standard categories Stickies application is not limited. If desired, you can quite happily create your own directory, which will be introduced later and a reminder of a certain character.

I must say that only the creation, editing or deleting notes program functions do not really limited. For any type of records you can choose a specialized function reminders in the form of the audible signal at the set time, which is very convenient. After all, you will not be the same to constantly look at the monitor to control necessary to carry out business. As mentioned above, he notes sticker is always before his eyes. If you are not satisfied with this option, you can simply turn off, and in general, configure the interface as desired. Quietly in the program Stickies can change the background color of the sticker, select the desired font and font size, etc.

Among other things, it is worth to note that everything created notes are stored in a single text file. When you create new notes or remote execution made it automatic editing and saving. That is, the different categories of stickers do not use multiple related files. And you do not need to open the file, make any changes and then re-save.

No less interesting is the fact that the application Stickies allows you to sync data between multiple terminals in a local network via TCP / IP protocol or through e-mail clients, working through the connection using SMTP. The only condition is to install the application Stickies terminals, which will be necessary to synchronize. In general, I must say that if you download the program for free Stickies, you get an excellent opportunity to organize your notes and set reminders. Now you can resign from papers that are usually deliver a lot of trouble.


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