StickyNote Diary is an application dedicated to scheduling appointments from a calendar. Supporting the annexation of images, the program also allows you to edit the job definition text. Tools of renowned publishers features are present in this alternative: copy, paste, share your documents and even search for words in your organizer of a fast and convenient way.

The download of the boot does not require more than a click by the user; register any further has to be done by those who want to put the facilities of StickyNote Diary proof. See image files from your schedule and add or change commitments without any headaches with this utility!


Schedule a task next to StickyNote Diary is easy: click on the desired date and then type the reminder text in the dialog box that appears to the right of the home screen. Then use the editing tools to customize your message: change the font, text color, size and also underline or highlight what was typed.

To add attachments, click the right button on your commitment and then to "" Attach file ". Browse your library and, finally, select the image to be added to the agenda. To carry out other issues, just click on the crusted buttons on the header. Easy, right?


Review Of StickyNote Diary

Enough to organize and schedule appointments on scraps of paper that pop on the table. StickyNote Diary is an application that values the objectivity and practicality for scheduling tasks. Your download and installation also do not require labor-intensive processes - which will certainly appeal to anyone who is looking for a virtual agenda that does not invest in features and functionality sometimes redundant.

Although operating in English, StickyNote Diary does not cause estrangement users unfamiliar with the foreign language. The layout and appearance of the tools are similar to the configurations shown by traditional text editors; find the button to change the font, for example, is not a problem.

Another highlight is the support attaching files. It means, therefore, that text documents, as Excel spreadsheets, or images can also be viewed without great efforts. In addition, for each scheduled task, a different tab is created, facilitating the consultation of commitments to come from the same screen.

StickyNote Diary Download