The Stremio is a good looking application with Popcorn Time: with it, you can watch movies and series streaming free or browse YouTube channels, just search the title you want and give play.

He brings trailer and synopsis of the movies, in addition to ranking on IMDB, so you know it's a good idea to give a chance for production. The series are divided into seasons and new episodes are added shortly after being released.

If you do not speak English and want to see a film in that language, the Stremio brings a caption option, which can be applied in several languages. Give the play and wait a few moments to load - if your connection is slower, it may be more advantageous to choose the options on SD, not to take so much.

You can find what you want to see by category or searching by name. In addition, it shows what else is out and about on the home screen. See Oscar winners or find the best action movies, for example, even if you do not know exactly what title are looking for.

On the left side of the application, there is a list of the type of audiovisual material and categories. Choose from movies, series and YouTube channels and make the search for what you want to watch. In addition to viewing the synopsis and the trailer, to open a title you can also click on an actor or actress name to view other productions with them or feel like.

Besides watching any content streamed on your computer, it has an option to send playback for a SmartTV, for chromecast or to a mobile phone or tablet connected via Bluetooth, simply click on the side of the subtitles to the button and properly configure the desired device . The Stremio has constant updates, and need only restart the app when a new version appears.


Review Of Stremio

The Stremio is an interesting application to watch movies and series streaming using automatic torrent links. It works the same way as the Popcorn Time: the contents are reproduced, but are not saved after the PC; and you can watch any title without having to worry about disk space to save a lot of movies then.

In addition to this advantage, it has the big plus point of having an interface adapted for those who want to discover new titles. You can search by category or even by actor, besides being able to see similar films to your favorites when you want to find something like your style. All this is very interesting - or would be if the Stremio not had so many bugs.

Full of instabilities
This application is a great promise: it is beautiful, interesting and brings a much better interface than the Popcorn Time, but getting to watch a movie is a complicated task if you need subtitles in Portuguese. He presented playback issues that feature in all attempts, working properly in English only.

Another constant bug is catching reproduction without you being able to pause or play or even return to the previous screen. In some tests, he showed the video to normal playback, but with a kind of film with the logo of the film, as if he was still carrying. It took close the app and open again to make it work.

It is even a bit frustrating, since he has some clear advantages over the Popcorn Time, but at the same time has a shaky and full shipping small problems. Output is expected that future updates bring the resolution of these bugs.

What is interesting
Some noticed details out this application: it brings trailer for every film (if this feature is available on YouTube), you can see the synopsis of a movie without leaving the homepage and you can access YouTube channels, not just movies and other videos series. In general, visually Stremio seems much more complete than the Popcorn Time.

The connections of actors and similar films also helps to find new content. In addition, a category shows the award-winning films at the Oscars in recent years, a way to see the best of cinema in your home. To transmit all this in a SmartTV, a mobile device or chromecast is another advantage of Stremio.

Worth it?
By using Stremio, the impression is that the tools are very good and have potential but are currently still too raw. That is, he has what it takes to be one of the best streaming players, but we must make the most stable service and with fewer bugs.

Pros Of Stremio

Movies, series and YouTube channels
Free Streaming
Multilingual subtitles
Streaming to SmartTV or chromecast
Intuitive interface

Cons Of Stremio

Many operating bugs

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