StrongDC ++ is a software for finding and downloading files on networks Direct Connect. How the program works is pretty simple. It represents a so-called "rassharivaniya" resource possibility multi-segment loading.

Key Features Of StrongDC ++

The program is very easy to use, since, does not require installation on the hard drive of your computer and can be used with any removable media, whether it drives, flash memory or a removable memory card.

Multi-loading involves downloading files using multiple sources simultaneously. That is, the currently performed download multiple pieces of a single file, which eventually and will be combined into a single result. In addition, at the time of loading of parts produced and their distribution (which is often used when working with torrent-tracker and clients). Also provided sorting files, and there is the possibility of combining the result. Filtering can be done, and the list of users, and the list of found files. Among the options are pretty serious opportunities regarding download speeds. You can restrict incoming or outgoing traffic, automatically disconnect slow downloads or set the desired injection rate. Incidentally, the application has the function of shutdown computer after all downloads.


Naturally, the app has a built-in chat feature that allows users to communicate in real time.

I must say that this software is constantly updated. So, in the latest release of the program occurred rather serious improvement. First of all, it affected kernel synchronization DC ++ 0.777, was added to the automatic detection of an incoming connection and installation support encoding for each hub, change the encoding of the web server to UTF-8, and also changed the timeout session web server for 10 minutes.

In conclusion I would like to say a few words about the distribution of the program. It has a size of 6.32 MB. The only thing that somewhat uncomfortable, it is the lack of localization. However, it can be downloaded separately, copy the folder of the program, and then, in the options to specify a path and the desired language. By and large, nothing complicated about it. Require only a basic knowledge of English.