Sumatra PDF is a free program with open source software for working with files of PDF. The program has a compact, minimalist interface and has a high speed, does not require installation on your hard drive (portable version) and can be run from any removable media.

Key Features of Sumatra PDF

First, a few words about the installation files. Stationary version has a volume of 4.16 MB and portable (two types) of about 2.3 MB. Among the main features of the program is represented by a pretty good set. Above all, this speed. Compared with the same Adobe Reader, the program runs faster at times, which can not bring it to the attention of the different range of users.

Ease of use of this application is the ability to open files not only from the main menu, but with support for drag and drop (the so-called function Drag'n'Drop). Moreover, PDF-file open, in contrast to many programs such kind is not blocked. He can work in parallel and in other applications in the edit mode, which is often lacking in many browsers such files. In addition, to simplify the process of work, the program provides a convenient system of navigation through the document. At the same time, special attention is paid to the use of combinations of "hot" keys, which can be fully customized, so to speak, for themselves. And, of course, as in many programs of this type, you can use the zoom function of the document at its discretion.

Among other things, the program allows you to install it as an application, the default for opening and viewing files of PDF. No less interesting is the ability to work and to network drives when you open a document format CHM. When using partial editing application can copy the selected fragment as an image using the context menu. Moreover, the program is optimized for use format support e-books MOBI eBook. And probably the most important thing is to use technology UCRT to reduce file size.

What we have in the end? Simple and easy-to-use viewer PDF-files, occupies minimal memory space on removable media, ready to use anytime, anywhere. Pleasantly pleased that the program is absolutely not overloaded with unnecessary features and has a very simple interface. As they say, nothing more. And, of course, pleased with its high speed, which is when you open PDF documents plays an important role.


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