Superbird is one of the newest and fast web browser that is built on the engine, Google Chrome. Unlike its ancestor, the application is open source and can be edited by anyone person or programmer. On top of that, it does show a surprisingly high rate of processing sites and web resources, outperforming many famous this program of modernity.

Key Features Superbird

You understand that if the program is open-source software, which means that it is completely free. In this case, even though we are dealing with a modification of Google, immediately it is worth noting that this application does not contain any code that is responsible for sending information about the sites visited or search query in to Google. Moreover, the browser is able to automatically block not only popups, and advertising. This can only mean one thing - the program has already built a firewall or protection type Adware. It is due to this increase in speed is achieved and the robots, which, according to many experts, is several times not just Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and the same notorious Google Chrome.

As for the interface, then it belongs to the category of decoration with the maximum reduction and absence of various kinds of additional panels. Actually, in the settings, you can set yourself, which component or panel will be displayed in the main window, but, apparently, most users will approach and automatic settings the default. Among other things, the program involves the processing of an interface that is called by itself. Quite elementary, you can change not only the skin that is used in the application by default, but also completely change the look of all the panels and menus. The application itself is designed to work in a family of operating systems Windows, from XP and up to the latest "eight".

superbird-browser-download-windows-mac-osx-linuxIn general, we can say that the majority of users, for sure, note the absence of advertising or sending information about user queries, because who in their time in the world of computer technology and Internet access grave scandal erupted. Of course, this is debatable, because, no user of primary and secondary level really does not even know how the notifications about the same search queries or visited Web resources. Hopefully, the developers of this software do not deceive us. Oh, and also, the program supports multi-language structure, that is, if desired, you can select the desired interface language, but as a standard for post-Soviet countries. Do not forget to pay attention also to the fact that the size of the installation package is quite small compared to other similar programs.

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