SuperRam - a powerful program designed to optimize the speed and control the operation of memory. It was created by PGWARE LLC. The program allows you to improve the performance of your computer by freeing the occupied part of memory for active applications. It will be useful to all users, and will be able to cope with it and the user did not previously worked with such utilities.

When running out of all the available memory, operating system begins to discover new applications, leveraging a place on the hard disk, which is much slower than RAM memory. Program SuperRam makes the opposite: running applications are performed on the hard disk, and is used when opening a new RAM. This contributes to significantly increase the speed of applications and games. SuperRam monitors to in-memory applications are only necessary at the moment, and it relieves the memory.
The program works in real time, automatically, providing optimization for the specified length of time. It shows an easy to understand graph that illustrates how much memory is used, and what - is free. When working with SuperRam will be enough to select the amount of memory to be used, and one that should be freed, and then click "OK". Everything else will make the program. It is specially designed for ordinary users, ie those who simply need a result after 2-3 clicks away. The effect will be evident immediately - to express it, first of all, in performance of programs that previously could "slow down". Especially useful additional memory will be in demanding applications, such as games.

SuperRam not prioritizes running processes, and monitors the memory is full, and when exceeding a predetermined volume, releases its crowded areas. It monitors and acts on "processes parasites" that overload memory.

SuperRam advantages is that it can be minimized to the system tray, and also customize the depending on your goals. Tests of the program showed its effectiveness. Optimization of the system occurs without changes in its software, and your computer will work with irreducible constant speed of execution of processes.

The program has small size, as well as popular and demanded program GPU-Z . It works on all Windows platforms and will help your PC run fast and stable as possible (up to 50% faster). To verify this, you can download SuperRam.