Sweet Home 3D is a free software for planning your home. Moreover, it could be a whole apartment or a house or a separate room. Ultimately, the program allows you to view the finished project in a three-dimensional graphical form.

Key features of Sweet Home 3D

I must say that there are few programs that would have been so easy to understand and use. The creation of three-dimensional interior is now a completely straightforward. The application contains a set of templates that are constantly updated.

If you use any ready-made solutions for planning your home, mind you, for starters, you can set the overall layout, specify the number of floors and staircases between them. You can then start covering floors and walls, and only then to lighting your home or room. Most interesting is that, for example, the color of the floor will vary, depending on the intensity (in fact, as reflecting ability). However, this is not your design imagination run.

The interface of the program provides for a catalog of furniture, ordered by type and category. Among the templates you can find quite a large number of doors, walls, beds, chairs, chairs, chests of drawers, windows. In general, all that is in a modern apartment. Depending on your imagination, can be placed on the planning anything. And these features of the program is not yet limited. The fact is that many (if not all) patterns of furniture, you can change on your own, using the installation even completely different hardware. Good, and here the choice simply naishirochayshy. In addition, the Internet can always find new models of furniture or plans of rooms or apartments. Besides, it is possible to change the texture or import.

What pleasantly pleased, this is an opportunity of three-dimensional view and zoom and print images with the whole layout. The application allows you, as it were, to create a picture of your project.

Finally, it should be said that the latest release has undergone many changes and improvements that only adds convenience when working with the program. In addition, the program has a fairly simple intuitive interface with support for multiple operations. So deal with it will not be difficult for even the most distant from this area to the user. Clear cataloging and simple operation make this program one of the most unique and, at the same time, clear programs of this kind.


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