Syntext Serna is a free cross-platform XML-editor, which has a lot of flexibility to create structured documents, say, technical documentation, user manuals, etc. Indeed, the possibility of application Syntext Serna almost unlimited. In addition, the program is so simple and easy to use that even does not know the basics of XML, the user can immediately proceed with the necessary task of building a particular document.

Key Features Syntext Serna

First of all, it should be noted that the software is correctly Syntext Serna operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Sun Solaris / SPARC. The application interface is quite simple and intuitive. The main program window Syntext Serna is divided into several areas. The emphasis is placed on the display of the text. To the left is a window structure of the document with reference to the XML, and the top has a standard toolbar. Due to the similarity with a lot of text editors, the user is working with the program Syntext Serna, as with a regular text document, which, of course, you can insert not only text, but also tabular data, images and more. It is possible to work and compound documents, which, incidentally, are displayed as a single unit. Displaying profiled kind of documents produced, thanks to the functions of XSLT and XSL-FO.

With regard to the main features of the program, there is the support of standards DITA, Docbook, XHTML, XML Schema, UNICODE and multilingual spell checking. No less important is the fact that the application Syntext Serna is available in several versions. So that problems with the development of this software should not be.

The undoubted advantage of the program is Syntext Serna and provided the opportunity for joint development. For example, it is possible quite simply to make special insert in the form of comments, and then accept or reject them (in the same way as in a word processor Word). In addition, there are some interesting possibilities for publishing documents stored on Web servers using WebDAV secure connection SSL. And, of course, in Annex Syntext Serna, a special opportunity to transform the format of the output document. For example, the resulting file can be saved in a popular format .PDF, which is used for the documentation of this type. In general, the possibilities are many. It remains only to test them yourself.

syntext-serna-4-4-download-pcDownload Syntext Serna 4.4 For PC