System Mechanic is a powerful package for the optimization of the operating systems Windows, which, in addition to the standard features includes a number of additional modules to provide a stable and correct operation of the system. In fact, it is a complete set of tools that can provide comprehensive care for the operating system without involving the use of third-party software products separate.

Main Features Of System Mechanic

First of all, we note that the software itself is available in several versions, the most interesting and powerful release is a Professional. It includes the maximum number of utilities for system maintenance. On top of that, this version has a powerful built-in anti-virus, firewall and email security ie security when using the Internet.

However, the focus on the basic features of the program is to care for the system. Among the most important features worth noting the following. First of all, it is the presence of an automated registry optimizer that allows you to correct the erroneous entries and delete obsolete references and keys on the remote or non-working program. Also, the application has a high-speed disk defragmenter and system memory. For optimization can be used and built-in utility to defrag and backup of the registry. In addition, quite interesting is the cleaning system hard drives from different kinds of garbage. For example, the program allows you to delete duplicate files and drivers. At the same time, can be used safely without removing the system recovery capabilities. The same applies to safely clean up remote system data and settings for maximum privacy. Naturally, as with any application of this kind, the program allows you to remove traces of Internet surfing, including Cookie files and browser cache.


And now a few words about the possibilities rather unusual package. The fact that it allows not only to completely remove the installed programs and applications, and move them into different sections without loss of efficiency. In addition, the package includes tools for creating backup copies of the data, followed by reduction, and also implies the full support of the work with disk images. In addition, the application is able to optimize network connectivity and, in particular, setting the protocol TCP / IP. On assurances of developers, optimizing Internet connection speed can reach 300%. And, of course, for the convenience of using the program assumes the ability to create snapshots of the system at certain points to track changes in the state.

Generally, in terms of the protection and maintenance of the system, this software is, in its own way unique. Judge for yourself, because it contains a huge collection of tools and resources that can be accessed only using a few tens of individual applications. So, if there is in the world a universal package for these purposes, it is the System Mechanic really is.