Task Coach - a multi-platform program manager to schedule multiple tasks, in other words organizer, having however, a fairly large number of functional and non-standard features compared to many programs of this type. It allows you to create multiple hierarchical lists and even track the percentage and the performance of each scheduled task.

Key Features Of Task Coach

Himself a software package is available in two basic versions. The first version is probably already clear, fixed, and the second portable and does not require installation on your hard drive. In fact, many users say it is easy to use a portable version, because the list of daily tasks and plans can always be next to you in the form of information on the normal flash drive or a removable memory card.

If we talk about the possibilities of application, here we have a standard plan for the day, week, month, and so on. D. However, for each task you can specify your own layout, time of occurrence of reminders, sound reminders, execution priority, and more. Most interesting, perhaps, is the budget planning, which involves tracking and time taken to perform, and the percentage of completion. Thus, it is always possible to determine exactly how fully and quickly was performed this task.

For each scheduled task, you can add text and komee6ntarii and notes, as well as many additional attachments from popular email clients. Furthermore, when creating a plan, you can either use the display tree structure, either in the form of a list. At the same time, interesting innovation is the creation of so-called sub-tasks with different priorities. In the course of a subtask and parent task interdependent. And, if in progress, for example, sub-task will be marked you as made, the parent task from which depended subtask also receive the same status. Actually, on the contrary, because in this system provided two-way data dependency.

Interesting is the automation system. You do not have to search for the desired task list because the program automatically opens the last file and exit saves the data automatically, without user intervention. It goes without saying that all task lists, progress reports can be exported in text format or formats like HTML. And as well as in other applications of this type, all the information can be set for printing (if, of course, necessary).

In general, this software package is one of the most powerful and user-friendly environment in general all programs created for planning. Convenience is also the fact that almost all operations are fully automated (take, although the automatic calculation of the budget and monitor implementation). So if you are used to clearly plan their business, better program, you simply will not find.


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