If you need to keep your security files (and away from third party eyes) USB Lock is a choice of the most interesting. That's because, in addition to making the entire disks inaccessible files, it also makes them completely invisible if you do not know unlock the files (and, of course, does not have the correct password).

Using the USB Lock is a very simple task. Just run the application installer and set the disk to be in the application security - provided we are not talking about the partition where your operating system, you can select from the PC's hard drive to USB sticks or external hard drives. Once selected, you just set the password and click "Protect".

Once this is done, any attempt to access your data will have no effect: all he will find within the selected disc is an empty folder and the executable file of USB Lock. To access the data, the only option is to open the program and enter the required password.

No need to worry, of course, if you need to unlock the system. Once installed on a partition, you can lock or unlock the USB Lock freely; to do so, just repeat the process to enter the password and click on the main application button.

Review Of TechApplet USB Lock

TechApplet USB Lock is at the same time, an extremely simple and easy to use program, despite the extensive process involved in its "installation". This is due to the strength of the program: its interface is extremely simple and only displays what is most important, guiding you easily through the process.


After installation the use of the program is even simpler, literally summarizing just enter your password and click a button. In our tests, the USB Lock also showed their extreme efficiency to block access to data and hide them completely. The presence of the program executable file as the only item in the folder is a problem, of course, but it helps a lot.

A major weakness in this application should be noted, however: since you can not hide folders only, you are limited to block access to entire partitions. This not only hinders rather in USB Lock utility, but can also cause serious problems in the operation of a machine, if you catch a particular partition.

This does not mean that the USB Lock is bad. Although it has a somewhat limited use, the application can be of enormous help to block large amounts of data - especially if we are talking about that its full of important things stick.

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